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At Parker Counseling, our therapists approach to Career Counseling is based on a professional level of understanding of the markets in the United States as well as other countries. The difference in choosing services at Parker Counseling & Education Services is that our therapists use a Career Counseling approach rather than a "coach based" approach.

Career counseling and career coaching are similar in nature to traditional counseling however, the focus is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Typically when people come for career counseling they know exactly what they want to get out of the process, but are not sure exactly how the process works.

Our Career Counselors work with people from all walks of life such as adolescents looking to explore career options or with experienced professionals looking for a career change. Because our therapists have backgrounds in community counseling and industrial/organizational psychology their approach of career counseling  includes the completion of one or more assessments. These assessments typically include: interest inventories, cognitive ability tests, and personality assessments.

The therapists at Parker Counseling & Education Services do not assist in resume building or career placements but rather work with their clients on transitioning and assessments as well as allowing their clients to develop improved interviewing skills.  

Getting Started
Change is difficult for some and we understand that counseling services can take time. Career counseling can be completed from anywhere between four to eight sessions, depending on the level of counseling needed.  When you begin career counseling and undergo evaluation and diagnosis of your present career situation, your therapist will be able to  understand where you want to end in this process.

By starting career counseling you will enable yourself to create a powerful relationship between you and your therapist which will be designed to focus completely on who you are, what you want and a strategy to transition into a career and life that you love. Services are provided in person for you to be a witness to the tangible results based on formal assessment and counseling. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes and can take place weekly or as often as you see fit. Ultimately, the pace and duration of your counseling  relationship depends on your needs, commitment and willingness to change. For most, one-on-one counseling is the most effective method for finding the deep purpose and joy you are looking for from your work.

Our therapists work with tools that are consistent with training used in the state of Colorado. Some methods of assessing are more quantifiable in nature then others. Below, is a list of the tools she uses most often with her clients. 

  • MBTI --Myers Briggs Type Indicator┬«The MBTI is the most widely used personality assessment in the world and reveals personality type and career preferences through understanding individual differences and occupational requirements.
  • Strong Interest Inventory - a 30 minute assessment taken online. This is one of the most respected and widely used career planning instruments in the world and reveals what career is right for you!
  • Self-Directed Search
  • Career Attitudes Checklist
  • Trust Inventory
  • Stress Analysis
  • Professional Role Play & Simulations for Groups
  • Review of Resources Available on-line
  • Life Line
  • SIGI3
  • Functional Skill Set Inventory
  • Differential Aptitude Test
  • Vocational Card Slot