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Depression and Anxiety

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Depression is a group of enduring symptoms that last anywhere from a few weeks to many years.
Symptoms are broken down into 4 clusters:

  1. how you think (e.g. self-criticism, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, concentration difficulties, overall negativity)
  2. how you act (e.g. isolating, low motivation)
  3. how you feel emotionally (e.g. sad, guilty, irritable, angry, anxious)
  4. how you feel physically (e.g. appetite or sleep changes)

A negative state of mind that colors all of your experiences is the chief feature of depression. You may cry a great deal, or you may want to cry, but can’t. Simple chores require great effort and everyday problems seem overwhelming. You become your own worst critic and believe that you’re being punished for something you did wrong.


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