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Grief and Loss



Grief and Loss
Grief is experienced in three major ways:

  • Psychologically (feelings, thoughts and attitudes)
  • Socially (behavior toward others)
  • Physically (health and bodily symptoms)

Grief is a continuing development, involving many changes over time. PCS provides comprehensive steps toward effective grief work in addressing both physical and symbolic experiences of losses:

  • Facing the reality of the loss
  • Working through painful memories
  • Experiencing range of emotions associated with the loss
  • Coping with lifestyles changes
  • Adapting to the loss and reconfiguring life

Our program at Parker Counseling Services is designed to give you the information necessary to move through the grief process.  Know that you do not have to go through your grief alone.  Get the help you need.  

We will support you through your grieving process by helping you understand your grief.  
We will never place judgment on you or your grief.

There is hope for healing from loss. Call Parker Counseling Services today to begin the process.



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