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Often in spite of our best efforts we fail to produce the desired results in our lives. Habits, mannerisms, and thought patterns are all learned as a result of subconscious programming. Through the use of hypnotherapy new programming is created providing the opportunity for your success. Once a behavior is well learned it is done from a subconscious level. Our thinking patterns, skills, ways of dealing with stress all flow from this subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious mind, giving you an opportunity to change your subconscious programming and change your life. Hypnotherapy is approved by both the AMA and the APA as an effective form of therapy.
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What issues can Hypnotherapy help with?
Anxiety/Panic Attacks • Confidence Building • Depression • Eating Disorders • Smoking Cessation • Fears and Phobias • Pain Management • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Sports Performance • Sleep Disorders • Low Self-Esteem • Self Hypnosis • Stage Fright • Stress Management • Test and Performance Anxiety • Trauma Recovery • Weight Management

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What happens during hypnosis?
Unlike the movies, hypnosis is not falling asleep. The therapist will help guide you into a very relaxed state and assist you to develop your focus while presenting suggestions that you have determined together that will help you solve your problem. Depending on the issue, other methods commonly used in talk therapies may also be included, and many people find that they can be even more effective while in this highly focused state of concentration.

Will I lose control?
Absolutely not. You will retain control during the entire hypnotherapy session and can freely make the choice to accept or reject any suggestions given to you. No one can make you do anything you do not find acceptable or agreeable to do. Hypnotherapy is designed to help the conscious and subconscious parts of your brain communicate better with each other.

How long does Hypnotherapy take?
Hypnotherapy sessions typically last from 60 –90 minutes each. Each client and issue is unique, and some clients have more than one issue to address. Most clients tend to see results in two - six sessions.

How Well Does Hypnotherapy work? 
A Comparison Study in American Health Magazine presented the following results:

Psychoanalysis alone: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavior Therapy alone: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions

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