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Couples: Married and Pre-married

Couples therapy at Parker Counseling Services focuses on helping couples sharpen their ability to talk, listen, resolve conflict, and manage anger effectively. Understanding the unique dance of relational reactivity between partners is critical for the growth of healthy intimacy in a coupleship. Each couple is challenged to identify ways in which they offend the relationship intimacy and are equipped through therapeutic intervention to cultivate healthy intimacy. Parker Counseling Services can help you not only prevent divorce but increase your relational satisfaction as a couple. A variety of tools are available to assist couples in identifying their strengths and challenges including the Enrich assessment available through Life Innovations. Engaged couples are encouraged to complete the Prepare assessment, also available through Life Innovations, to increase their awareness of future strengths and stressors.

Single Parent and Blended Families
Divorce happens to about 40-50% of first marriages and another group of children lose a parent to death. While divorce and bereavement do not necessarily lead to long-term adjustment problems in children, there is a subset of kids who suffer long-term problems as a result of these transitions. Following divorce or bereavement some kids then have to deal with the unique issues associated with blended families, such as the myth of immediate love; how to have a relationship with a stepparent, stepsiblings, or half-siblings; increased demand for limited resources, such as money, time and space; and how to manage the different culture, rules and expectations of extended biological family and extended stepfamily.
In spite of all these challenges, there are concrete, evidence-based strategies parents can use to help kids cope and to prevent their children from suffering long-term damage from family transitions. At Parker Counseling Services, we offer child therapy, teach parenting strategies, and provide family therapy to address the unique concerns of children and families who have experienced divorce, bereavement or repartnering/remarriage.

Family systems are a place designed for all of us to learn, grow, and love; not all family systems teach and model healthy relationship, communication (link to communication group in services), assertiveness and boundary skills.
Boundaries involve your belief system, values, morals, emotions and your life experiences. Healthy boundaries serve to define who you are, contain you and protect your essence. Boundaries are the guidelines that assist you with appropriate closeness and separateness in relation with self and others.
Establishing healthy boundaries can be a difficult task, but one that offers great rewards of closeness and connection. Boundary setting is a process with certain distinguishable steps that lead to greater intimacy emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually.
Parker  Counseling Services  offers assertiveness skill and boundary training related to a healthier self for both males and females, couples and dating relationships, parenting, families, professional and working partnerships. Victims of trauma and abuse and those who have violated the boundaries of others can greatly benefit from these specialized services.
Healthy boundaries insure self-respect, self-love, and self-accountability. Healthy boundaries teach us to be responsible and lead to self-trust which leads to a mature life in which we can enter and sustain intimate relationships. Contact Parker Counseling Services  to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists specializing in boundaries.

Effective Communications
Can your significant other read your mind? Odds are they cannot. Many marriages experience difficulty over time due to communication issues or can be significantly improved even before marriage with better communication skills.

Are any of the following communication issues present in your relationship?

  • Condescension or sarcastic responses to each others honest statements and questions.
    One partner making fun of the other’s mispronunciations or poor grammar?
    One spouse berating or criticizing the other’s choices or decisions?
    One spouse trying to intimidate the other into submission?
    Eye-rolling in responses to honest thoughts from the other?
    Gone into "shutdown" or cold-shoulder mode?
    Felt resentment towards the other parner for seemingly insignificant issues?

Good communication is honest and respectful.
Most marriages have issues and occasional "fights" or disagreements, but learning how to communicate effectively can reduce the frequency and intensity of such interactions.

In Couples Therapy, partners are taught to communicate issues in newer, more effective ways and to "fight fairly" on an equal playing field with consistent rules. Each partner being able to assert their feelings and emotions is key to improving and maintaining a solid relationship.

Divorce and Child Custody
Understand that Understand that Your Children Aren’t Divorcing, and still love and deserve love from both parents. Saying degrading or hurtful things about or to your spouse when your children are present can have lasting impact and be damaging to your children. Take your fight away from the children and be aware that your comments and attitudes can be traumatic to them. For more information on divorce and child custody, read this link.