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Interlock and DUI FAQ's

Alcohol, DUI, and Interlock Information

dui-interlock-faq-image Express Consent
Colorado's Express Consent Law requires any driver to consent to a chemical test if a police officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person is driving under the influence or their ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired because of alcohol, drugs or both.

If you have a notice of revocation issued by a police officer you have 7 days to go to a driver's license office to request a hearing.  If the license was not surrendered at the time of the stop it MUST be surrendered to receive a temporary driving permit. Contact the hearing section at 303-205-5606.  For information regarding evidence presented at a hearing  click here .

Alcohol Courses
The court may require you to complete a series of alcohol classes as a condition of a plea bargain or a deferred sentence for an alcohol-related offense. There are also circumstances in which the court may not order you to take alcohol classes, but Colorado law will require these classes as a condition of driver license reinstatement. To find a treatment provider please visit

If you are an out of state driver and need to reinstate with the State of Colorado and have a requirement for Level II Drug/Alcohol Education/Therapy you must have an evaluation done by an alcohol treatment center or alcohol therapist in the state where you reside.  You cannot reinstate with the State of Colorado until you can provide documentation that you have met the requirements of the center or therapist. The evaluation should be on letterhead of the alcohol treatment center or therapist and must specify the beginning and ending dates as well as the hours required to fulfill their requirements. For more information on alcohol classes view the Level I and Level II Classes Brochure.

After you have confirmed your eligibility to reinstate and that an Ignition Interlock is part of your reinstatement requirements, contact an approved vendor for pricing and locations. Once you have selected a vendor, have the Interlock installed and obtain the following:

  1. Restricted License Ignition Interlock Agreement Affidavit DR2058 
  2. Installation Certificate (issued by the Interlock provider)
  3. Application Form DR2870 
  4. Payment of $95 (check or money order made payable to Department of Revenue)
  5. SR22 from your insurance company
  6. Required Alcohol and Drug Education document

Note: The Certificate or DRS requirement is determined by the associated BAC or the number of alcohol violations on your record (Multiple offenders or BAC of 0.17 and above requires Level II DRS or Affidavit of Enrollment).

Important:  All alcohol reinstatements are processed by mail only. When possible, you should mail the complete set of documents together to ensure that your reinstatement is processed in a timely manner. Allow up to 20 business days for your reinstatement to be completed. A letter will be mailed to the address on your application confirming that your reinstatement is complete and that you can contact a Driver’s License office to schedule your written and drive test in your Ignition Interlock equipped vehicle.

Interlock Restricted License



Ignition Interlock is a device that is installed on motor vehicles to prohibit individuals from operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. It requires your breath sample before the engine will start and you are periodically required to provide breath samples while driving. If the device detects an elevated alcohol concentration level the vehicle will not start.

You will be required to have an Ignition Interlock device if:

Driving Under the Influence


Drivers who fall into these categories will be allowed to reinstate only with a restricted license that limits their driving to vehicles with an approved Ignition Interlock device.
Early Reinstatement with Interlock

Person Filling Out Form   


Some individuals subject to driving restraints related to alcohol issues may be allowed to reinstate their driving privileges ahead of their normal eligibility date if they participate in the Ignition Interlock program.

Early reinstatement is limited to drivers who:

Eligibility for early reinstatement with the Interlock device is determined by the Driver Services Section. Drivers wishing to know if they are eligible to participate in the program should call Driver Services at 303-205-5613 and request analysis for early reinstatement. The result of the analysis will be available within two business days. Drivers must call back for determination and eligibility date if applicable.
Approved Ignition Interlock Vendors

  Aspen Tree


Colorado has contracted with the following Ignition Interlock providers:


#1 A LifeSafer of CO

1A Smart Start, Inc.





Financial Assistance

Tax Booklet With Calculator and Pen   


The Department of Revenue administers an account established to provide financial assistance for first offenders who cannot afford the Interlock.  If you qualify for assistance and funds are available, the Department may pay up to $400 of your total Ignition Interlock expenses.  

Eligibility is determined at the time of your Interlock installation and following criteria apply: 

  1. You are a new Ignition Interlock applicant installing after May 25, 2010
  2. You are Lawfully Present in U.S. and a Colorado resident
  3. You were an adult driver (21 years of age) at the time of the violation
  4. The alcohol violation occurred on or after January 1, 2009
  5. You are a first time offender
  6. Your Federal Adjusted Gross Income (FAGI) on the State of Colorado tax file falls within 300% of the current year Poverty Guidelines established by Health and Human Services.  For 2012, the Poverty Guideline for a Single filer is $11,170 and $15,130 for a Joint filer.  

If you are approved for Financial Assistance by the Online Interlock System, the vendor will reduce your out of pocket installation cost by $50.  After that point, you will receive a pro-rated amount of financial assistance on your future interlock lease charges for each calendar month that ends with you having a valid Colorado Restricted (Interlock) License.  Total assistance cannot exceed $400. 
Any subsequent suspension or revocation of your driving privileges will terminate financial assistance.

How do you check my Federal Adjusted Gross Income?
When you visit the approved Ignition Interlock provider, they will utilize the State Portal to provide and receive information related to your driving record.  If you meet the eligibility requirements you will be asked to authorize a check against your Colorado tax file to determine eligibility based on your income level and filing status.  All eligibility requirements must be met to qualify for assistance. 

Note that the Ignition Interlock provider does not receive specifics about your income.  If the tax file check is requested, the only detail presented to the Interlock provider is “The applicant is eligible for financial assistance” or “The applicant is not eligible for financial assistance.”  If you have additional questions, call Driver Services at 303 205-5613.