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DUI Level I - DUI Level II
Education and Therapy
Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC)

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DUI Class Descriptions

(All DUI classes held at main office location)
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---------- Level I ----------

What is Level I Education for DUI?

Level I consists of twelve (12) hours alcohol / drug (DUI / DWI / DWAI) education counseling, over a minimum two (2) day period, with not more than six (6) hours in one (1) calendar day.

When is a Level I Education Treatment program required?

Completion of a Level I (1) alcohol / drug education (DUI / DWI / DWAI) counseling program is required when:

A minor driver has had their license privilege revoked for one (1) year for their first DUI / DWI, DWAI, or .17 or more BAC conviction, for a violation that was received while under the age of 21.

A Level I can also be required under certain circumstances if the alcohol evaluator deems the violation was not serious enough for a Level II alcohol / drug education and therapy counseling treatment program.

---------- Level II ----------

What is DUI Level II Education and Therapy Treatment?

Level II (2) consists of an alcohol / drug (DUI /DWI / DWAI) education and therapy counseling program, as defined by DBH / ADAD. The education portion of a Level II is 24 hours.

As for the Therapy portion of a Level II program, DBH/ADAD identifies these as tracks:

Track A: 42 hours
Track B: 52 hours
Track C: 68 hours
Track D: 86 hours

When is a Level II Education and Therapy Treatment Program required?

A Level II is required when a driver is:

  • Convicted of two (2) alcohol / drug violations that occured within five (5) years.
  • Convicted of three (3) or more alcohol / drug violations in a lifetime.
  • Revoked for having a BAC of .17 or more
  • Revoked for having multiple BAC tests of .08 or more (Per se).


Class Times and Costs

(See Event Calendar for updates)

---------- Level I ----------

Level I Education Classes (12 hours total) $325.00 price inlcludes required book.

Call for scheduling or see the event calendar link above. Pre-registration required.

---------- Level II ----------

Level II Education - 24 hours education, 12 Classes - Cost $425.00 price includes required book.Costs can increase with increased track levels. Therapy costs are in addition to required education depending on track..

Level II Therapy
$30 per group session
$20 required book fee
Individual Therapy available at additional cost.

Track A: 42 hours (21 Sessions)
Track B: 52 hours (26 Sessions)
Track C: 68 hours (34 Sessions)
Track D: 86 hours (43 Sessions)

AOD Classes (MIP, Marijuana, Relapse Prevention)
Level I 6-12 hours +$15 Intake = $140
Level II 12-18 hours $225 + $15 Intake = $240
Level II Over 18 hours - add additional hours at hourly rates

Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC)
10 hour program - $175.00


InterLock Enhancement Counseling (IEC)

Click here for DUI and Interlock FAQ
Eligible individuals may be able to significantly reduce the length of time until their driving privileges are reinstated by participating in the Interlock Enhancement Counseling Program (IEC).

The program is 10 hours in length over 5 months. There are four two-hour group sessions, and four 30-minute individual sessions. The program begins with an individual session and is followed by a group the same month. Staggering is done in order to see how the client does regarding interlock behavior in months with only one session compared to months with two.

  • Incentives for Early Enrollment:
  • May count as 10 hours for Track B
  • May run concurrently with Tracks
  • May lower probability of failed starts and recidivism
  • May reduce the quantity and frequency of drinking
  • First offenders with BAC .08-.169 may obtain regular license after 4 months without problems on the interlock device
  • First offenders with BAC .17 with a two year Interlock Restricted License may obtain Interlock Restricted License after 30 days of no driving only if other requirements are met.