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Our Counselors

Meet our counselors at Parker Counseling Services! Each of our counselors at Parker Counseling Services are independent contractors and are the owners of their own mental health businesses. They are providing their services under the administrative umbrella of Parker Counseling Services, though they are not employees of Parker Counseling Services. 

At Parker Counseling Services, our mission is to be the best step we can be to help you through whatever challenges you're currently facing. Whether you're trying to work through personal difficulties like anxiety or depression, needing help in your relationship through couples counseling, or wanting help for your kiddo in child counseling, we have a counselor who can help you. Setup an appointment with any one of our independently contracted professional counselors and see how we can help you get back to feeling great again. 

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Shachar Goldwater, MA MFTC


Schachar is a dad, veteran, husband and brother. He is passionate about helping you work through difficult moments and embracing the tough moments ahead.He works with families, couples, and individuals helping to lessen stress, reduce anxieties, manage substance use and handle many other difficult issues. 

Courtney Dunson, MA, LPC


A Colorado native, Courtney "CJ" has ten years of experience working with individuals needing various levels of care.  CJ uses  mindfulness skills and thought provoking challenges to assist individuals in forming new strengths within themselves.  CJ looks forward to assisting you in your healing journey as you take the next steps towards authenticity! 




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